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cupcakechelle's Journal

15 March
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The name's Chelle.
Hello, and welcome. I'm not a stranger to Livejournal but I have been gone for some time. I missed it. I am a believer than writing down your feelings helps a hell of a lot, but also, writing about key moments or sharing happier times can make someone else's day too. I'm here for both.
I ♥ my little bambino (that is not so little anymore.), my boyfriend, pandas, hello kitty, shopping, pink things, reading, writing, books (of all kinds), photography, interior design, vintage items, girlie clothing, stationery (of all kinds), accessories, crime programmes, baking/cooking, and lots more.
Feel free to add me and get to know me :) I am pretty friendly, and I talk way too much so if you like girlie chat, then add away.
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